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About Our Curries

The following descriptions and pictures have been added to our site to help you make the most of the Bengal Curry House experience.


REZALAS: Rich in coconut cream, capsicum and fresh coriander. Naan goes great with this curry.


ROGAN JOSH: Cream based lightly spiced dish with chopped spinach. Try this delicious curry with naan or parathas.


BHOONA: A spicy aromatic curry from Bengal for onion and garlic lovers. Great with pararthas.


[Kashmiri Korma]: Is a curry eaten on special occasions due to its costly ingredients. Similar to korma curries with the addition of ground cashews and dressed with almonds, pistachios, pine nuts etc.


A very popular dish. Boneless, skinless chicken breast sizzled in the oven and then simmered in select masalas, and fresh cream.
Great with any bread.


MADRAS: Rich in tomatoes, onion and black cumin seeds. It originates in the south of India and gets its name from the city of Madras now known as Chennai. Delicious with roti, chapati or Naan.


BUTTER CHICKEN: A Cinnamon scented ghee and cream sauce base is cooked with chicken breast pieces to create this delicate slow cooked curry, thickened with ground cashews. Delicious! Try with roti or naan.


MAROTI: [Indian Pizza] which is as follows: naan topped with a spiced tomato onion sauce with your choice of lamb, chicken, beef, tandoori chicken or vegetables with mozzarella cheese made fresh for you.


VINDALOO: A seasoned curry eaters dream. Tangy mouth watering ingredients cooked with potato and tomato. Good with parathas.

SRI LANKA: A creamy coconut milk base curry with subtle spices. Goes well with naan or roti.


VEGETARIAN SAMOSA: generally consists of a fried or baked pastry shell with a savoury filling of spiced potatoes, onion, peas and coriander.


CHICKEN TIKKA: Entree size boneless, skinless chicken breast, marinated and oven baked. Succulent and tender.


PAKORAS: are created by   taking one or two ingredients, such as chicken, onion, eggplant, potato, spinach, cauliflower, tomato or chilli, dipping them in a batter of gram flour and deep-frying them.


MEAT SAMOSA: Shredded lightly spiced red meat cooked with baby green peas, wrapped inside thin pastry and shallow fried to a crisp golden brown.

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